We specialize in Luxury Concierge Destination Wedding Planning , Elopement, ReTie the Knot, Honeymoons and Anniversaries.

YOU are the STAR!

Life Experiences

We've got you covered! In the event something does come up, our team is here to help make sure if there are any rough seas we get things back on course. Just read the stories of our featured couples

Detail and Service

What to Expect

Assisting you in finding the BEST Destination and BEST Venue. Simplifying an overwhelming process of searching online.

Ensuring your Wedding Package and Guest Packages align with your vision. Navigate through the many options to give you peace of mind.

Serve as Point of Contact for YOU and ALL your guests. Each of you will receive a detailed itinerary for your specific trip. This will allow you to RELAX and anticipate your Celebration and your vision for the "Perfect Day".

A Personal Website for you to share with your Family and Friends with information and how to join the process to share in celebrating with you.

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