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When I began my travel journey ten years ago I knew that my greatest joy was sharing my adventures with those who were wanderlusts at heart as well. I began designing Honeymoons and Destination Weddings for the many couples who desire a partner to collaborate and guide them . I loved personalizing each couple's dream and walking with them while building a relationship along the way. 

As I sailed through the islands of Hawaii and Tahiti I could envision beautiful couples immersing themselves in the history and landscape of such a stunning backdrop and creating memories for a lifetime. When I travel through the Caribbean and Mexico I feel embraced by a warm hug and taste the hospitality through the food and traditions and see more memories being created.

Traveling extensively to many exotic destinations and resorts has allowed me to not only see but taste the many amenities and inclusions myself!

Working with some of the industry Luxury Brands I can guide you through the options to ensure it is worthy of your love story. Personalized just as you imagined to a paradise you have only dreamed of. Dancing the night away after a breathtaking and romantic ceremony surrounded by family and close friends.

I'll provide you with tools and resources to assist you and your guests to keep the planning simple and anticipating toes in the sand with a drink in hand!

A Note from Lorraine

About Lorraine

Your dedicated wedding Specialist

What to Expect

Assisting you in finding the BEST Destination and BEST Venue. Simplifying an overwhelming process of searching online.

Ensuring your Wedding Package and Guest Packages align with your vision. Navigate through the many options to give you peace of mind.

Serve as Point of Contact for YOU and ALL your guests. Each of you will receive a detailed itinerary for your specific trip. This will allow you to RELAX and anticipate your Celebration and your vision for the "Perfect Day".

A Personal Website for you to share with your Family and Friends with information and how to join the process to share in celebrating with you.

Tahiti Elopement

The DeLaney Experience with Lorraine Wiggins, Owner of Destinations and Beyond Travel LLC went far "Beyond a Destination". We became fast friends, and our relationship with Lo was built on trust.

Lo and I met by sheer chance in a Target parking lot, just before Christmas in 2016. I was preparing for our engagement party, which was taking place because we had intentions of eloping to an exotic place. 

My fiance and I agreed that I would get to pick the place, make the plans, and surprise him with it too. Which is exactly how I wanted it. I had places like Bali, Hawaii, and Thailand at the top of my list. But, I was still very undecided, and STRESSED.

Back to the Target parking lot. I found myself parked next to a vehicle wrapped in gorgeous travel ads. Then I saw Lorraine walk up. I stopped myself from driving away, and started asking her questions about her services. 

It was magical meeting her that day, as I instantly knew she could be trusted, and we set an appointment to meet the following week.

We decided together on Bora Bora, French Polynesia without further hesitation.

We went on for the next few weeks tying up agendas and flights, and she got me in touch with the Wedding planner at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa.

This event and trip took great detail and planning as it was only a few months away! Lorraine took the stress and guesswork away!

Fast forward to a few days before we embarked, we had a beautiful private ceremony at the County Courthouse, with my two Daughters, and two good friends to witness. Lo came along to assist through the process. I will forever be grateful for her accountability, beyond our travels.

Fast forward to our travel experience. WOW. Once we got through a full day of flying, we landed in Bora Bora. The jet lag floated away in the crystal blue waters of the South Pacific instantly.

We were given the best treatment upon arrival at the Resort. We had a full day to recover and explore. Our private wedding was planned for day two. The spa package we received the morning of the wedding was nothing short of unforgettable. The Spa at this resort is world renowned for a reason.

The wedding photographer and videographer were prompt and amazing to work with. I booked them both through the resort prior to the trip. They got in touch with me, and we collaborated several weeks prior to the trip. They knew exactly what I wanted. They captured every shot, and created memories to last a lifetime.

My Husband was utterly shocked at the experience. He was completely surprised, and we had so many beautiful moments.

After the wedding, we did so much. Our snorkeling day trip was awesome. The guide took us for a tour of a lifetime.

The food was so fresh everywhere. There is a famous French restaurant called La Villa Mahana. We were beyond wowed there.

We rented a scooter one day, and explored the main island. Bora Bora is known for the black pearl. We walked around and shopped for one of them for me. It's a keepsake I wear on my neck often. I could go on about the swimming, paddle-boarding, pool, amazing dining, gorgeous Matira Beach, and on and on... Just please call Lo! She will be assisting us for my 40th birthday trip. Can't wait!"

Amanda DeLaney
Seminole, Florida.

St Lucia Wedding

My husband proposed to me on a private catamaran with only my immediate family surrounding us in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of St. Thomas in May 2017. It was spectacular to say the least and to have the moment captured on overhead Drone footage, is a treasured gift. 

We both knew that we wanted to have a Destination Wedding. I had worked with Lo Owner of Destinations and Beyond Travel LLC , on a previous bachelorette trip to Mexico for my Best Friend. I reached out to Lo very soon after the proposal and learned that she was a Sandals WeddingMoons Specialist.

By June 2017 the wedding planning was underway. We narrowed down the location of our Destination Wedding to St. Lucia, as neither of us had been there before. I was quickly matched up with a wedding planner and had scheduled phone meetings with her over the course of the next several months. Lo was always available for any questions I might have had and to help keep track of the progress of the planning and to assist all of the guests with their reservations. 

The experience with the Sandals Team was very comfortable and easy to navigate. 

As our wedding date was quickly approaching, we were receiving an abundant amount of positive RSVP’s. We eventually qualified our wedding party for a promotional catamaran sail due to the amount of rooms booked. The day before leaving for St. Lucia, I was made aware of a snafu on the part of the wedding planner that I had been working with. The planner was based out of Jamaica which offered the Catamaran cruise; St. Lucia’s location did not. After speaking at length with Lo about wanting assurance that our guests would be provided a comparable excursion, she assured us that after speaking with the Manager of the Grande St. Lucian that we would be taken care of. 

Concurrently, unbeknownst to me, my mother was undergoing an emergency surgical procedure and was very concerned that she would not be able to travel for the wedding. My parents reached out to Lo for help canceling and re booking their flights for a day later so that my Mom could have time to recover before traveling. Lo even went the extra mile and secured private transportation from the St. Lucian Airport to the Resort so that my Mom would be more comfortable traveling in a sedan, rather than a potentially crowded van on the 1.5 hour journey. My parents made it safely to the resort and were very grateful for the gracious help that Lo provided them.

Back to the Private Catamaran Charter for our Wedding group…Once arriving at the resort and getting settled, my husband made it his mission to secure confirmation from the Manager that our guests would be taken care of with an exclusive excursion. Since we felt so Blessed to have so many people travel to support us, we wanted to be able to provide them with an unforgettable experience in return. My Husband spoke with the Manager the day before the wedding and was assured that everything would be handled and we would have nothing to worry about. The day after our wedding our friends and family gathered in the lobby of the hotel and were taken to the nearest Marina. As we all walked down the dock, bypassing the Catamarans and approaching the larger and larger boats we were stopped in front of the “Lady Sandals” and graciously welcomed aboard. The Lady Sandals is a Yacht owned by the CEO of the Sandals Corporation and formerly owned by Nicholas Cage. On board, there was a full staff, an open bar and fabulous lunch spread. We were taken on a spectacular 2+ hour sail that was absolutely unforgettable. Our guests were floored as were my Husband and I. We felt so special and it is truly a memory that we will cherish forever. 

Without the guidance, perseverance and graciousness from Lo our dream Wedding/Honeymoon would not be the wonderful memory that it is today.

Kelsey Hoover
Kent Island, Maryland


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