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hi, i am Lorraine!

A desination wedding planner with a love of all things sunny 

Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE the color TEAL BLUE and BATHS :)

Perhaps because I’m an Aquarius and one look at the deep blue sea and the sound of the waves calms me instantly. At the end of each day I immerse myself in my bath and find the power of healing as I reflect on my day. Water symbolizes deep emotions and offers cleansing to the mind, body and spirit. Blue is the color of the sky and sea and associated with depth and stability. It is my pleasure to create amazing experiences for my clients! My passion to continually explore those new destinations and find the perfect mix of tranquil and trendy.

As a recognized Destination Wedding Specialist I am focused on and committed to making your Dream Wedding vision a reality.  

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The Islands of Tahiti

Spa Days

Im a Stella girl


I always wear a Hat

Guacamole and Chips


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